Key Features

Key Features of your HR Management Software


View and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. Download salary register and all salary slip in a go. View historical payroll information and auto PF and ESIC calculations.

Automated & customized workflows

Workflows are easy to build with this feature and can perform hundreds of actions using any employee data set. Allows you to see your workflow dashboard and also includes easy process builder.

Manager Access

Saves more time by assigning permissions to your senior management team. Let them authorize holidays, edit timesheets, add appraisals and more.

Employee Performance

Motivate your employees to meet their targets and develop their skills. Track your results, and keep getting better. It helps you to measure, react and improve.

Report Designer

You will find pre-made reports that include data specific to your company. This is perfect for building custom reports that can be visible to the whole company or a selected few.

Training Matrix

Add a training scheme to an employee's record, and watch the progress bar fill up from your Training Matrix.

Holiday Planning & Absence Tracking

Approve holiday request from your browser and Track absence and track negative trends before they have a chance to get any bigger.

Applicant Tracking System

Attract the best candidates, and move them through your pipeline. Helps you attract, identify, and recruit.

Employee Self - Service

Self-service helps you empower your people. Your staff can log in and edit information. You can also audit any changes if required.

Task Lists

Take your tasklist anywhere, with a traffic light color system to tell you what's done, what's due and what's overdue.

Alerts & Reminders

Never forget another appraisal, back to work interview or birthday ever again.

Employee Clock In & Out

Allows employees to clock in and out whenever they are off their desks.

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