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HRMS that offers you the best Training Matrix experience!

The first process after hiring a candidate is his/her training! There are multiple ways of training your employees. After joining a company, the employees go through the process training. Fresher employees go through the fresher’s training program which helps them understand the company and their work better. However, we all know that companies believe in … Continue reading "HRMS that offers you the best Training Matrix experience!"

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The best Applicant Tracking System has arrived!

The interview process and overall result announcement may take some time. Sometimes from the candidate’s end and sometimes from our management’s end. There are several genuine reasons for the delay of a specific set of candidates that are up for the interview process. But this is after the interview process in on the runway. The … Continue reading "The best Applicant Tracking System has arrived!"

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Know how you can automatically Clock In & Out with People®!

In any company that we work, it is important to have a track of our time in and out. This helps the higher management to track the employee’s timing. Well, it also helps you get the right amount in your salary! Different companies have set many different edicts regarding employee clock-in and out. For eg. … Continue reading "Know how you can automatically Clock In & Out with People®!"

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The Best Of People®!

We have heard of how People® builds a beneficial and secure working atmosphere for your HR department. So let’s go ahead and see the features of People® to help you know People® better! Key Features of your HR Management Software Payroll: View and generate payroll for the employees based on the predefined salary structure. Download … Continue reading "The Best Of People®!"

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Find out how People® combines Human Resources & Technology!

Every company’s first face is the HR department. Right from recruitment to payroll and exit interviews. The HRs are responsible for many activities. We all know that our HRs have to perform multiple activities in their daily office work. They have to work on each point so that they can maintain a good and healthy … Continue reading "Find out how People® combines Human Resources & Technology!"

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