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Working Smart With People®!

Many companies believe in working fast and smart. So they set up easy to work software for their teams. The main operation areas are always given priority, as the demand for their daily work is always high. But at the same time, the company’s HR department is somewhere forgotten. The HRs are known to do … Continue reading "Working Smart With People®!"

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All About Payroll With People®!

Payroll is a process which starts from calculations. Where mistakes happen, as many companies do not use any software for Payroll management, their Payroll experts have to do their calculations manually. If its just one calculation then we can understand doing it manually. However, Payroll is a process that includes TDS calculation, Salaries, PT, PF, … Continue reading "All About Payroll With People®!"

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Tracking your Applicants while you Work From Home!

The lockdown has made every company work from home. This is for our own safety, and many companies are following the lockdown rules seriously, and are also supporting their employees to stay away from the offices and stay safe and work from home. Also, the hiring at some companies is still on. Companies are conducting … Continue reading "Tracking your Applicants while you Work From Home!"

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The Easiest Formula To Calculate TDS Automatically!

TDS calculation always has to be error-free! Usually, companies having less strength get the TDS calculations done manually. This results in a longer time as each time you have to enter all the amounts manually to calculate the TDS. Some medium and big companies have specific software that helps them in the TDS calculations. However, … Continue reading "The Easiest Formula To Calculate TDS Automatically!"

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Is Payroll Work From Home Possible?

During this lockdown period, many companies are working from home. Several employees are giving their best to achieve their performance targets. Even salaries are been processed, but with several difficulties, leading to a delay in the salary cycle.  This may happen due to a weak payroll management system. So what is the solution? Is Payroll … Continue reading "Is Payroll Work From Home Possible?"

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