All-in-one HRMS with great Payroll Features!

Every payroll team faces the problem of making mistakes in calculations. Hence, PeopleHR India is one exciting payroll management system in India that offers you great features that convert your manual payroll process into a smart and automatic system.

With PeopleHR India, you can now avoid errors in calculation, and experience an easy and automatic Payroll process that helps your work gets done quicker and without any gaffes! PeopleHR India is known to be the best payroll HRMS in India!

Let’s check out some exciting and easy to operate features offered to you by PeopleHR India:

Salary Structure Management: India’s most trusted Payroll Software that offers you the best Configurable salary structure!

TDS Calculations: Why to waste time in manual calculations when you can do Automatic TDS calculations as per the latest income tax rules! We also offer ready-made Provisional form 16 to make your work easier!

TDS Declaration: Get the steps with complete guidance of the TDS Declaration process and submit investment and proposals in a single click!

Salary Loan & Recovery: Help your employees with loans based on the salary amounts and have easy recovery by setting flexible dates. Helps you keep a record when you offer your employees with Salary Loan! You can also check the recovery status with a single click!

Payroll Generation: PeopleHR India has made the Payroll process easier and accurate. A perfect HRMS for Payroll Generation!

Payroll MIS: One single feature that helps you generate Salary Slips, Relieving letters, Full, and Final (FnF) Letters, helps you maintain the Attendance Register, and guides you with the easiest way to create and maintain the Salary Register!

Compliance Documents: Making it easy for documentation and management of PF, ESIC, LWF which is the most critical part of statutory payroll deductions and statutory employee deductions. PeopleHR India will help you with PT Challan, TDS Challan, LWF Challan, ESIC Challan Import File, EPF ECR Import File, TDS Quarterly Returns with Form 24Q and Form 26Q, PF monthly and yearly returns, and ESIC monthly and yearly returns!

All this in a single HRMS which is termed as the best payroll software in India! PeopleHR India is known to make the HR process simple and effective with zero errors!

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August 31, 2021  

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